Friday, July 30, 2010

Peach Ricotta Honey Ice Cream

I was at the White House Farmers Market yesterday, and Zaytinya chef Mike Isabella (from last season's Top Chef) was there preparing peaches and ricotta drizzled with Greek honey (which he told me is the best honey in the world) and chopped mint. It inspired me to make this recipe. It's light and refreshing, especially with the record-breaking heat here in DC. Plus, it's peach season. 

I heart peaches.

Frozen Fix on TV!

This morning, I appeared on News Channel 8's Let's Talk Live for a segment on making ice cream. The hosts sample my sesame ice cream, sweet pea ice cream, and peach ricotta honey ice cream. Check it out for yourself in the clip above. (Note: You have to fast forward a few minutes past all the Snooki-Bristol-Chelsea talk to get to me.)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sesame Ice Cream

My mom recently dug up some old recipes from my grandma and found this gem. Turns out I'm not the only person in my family who loves unique ice cream flavors. The recipe calls for halvah, a Middle Eastern dessert made out of sesame paste, and is served with a sesame brittle. My grandma always did have great taste.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Honeydew Sorbet

If you were ever going to eat a sorbet for breakfast and not feel one bit guilty about it, this would be it. It's essentially just pureed melon with a little bit of agave nectar to sweeten it (and if you want, vodka for a less icy texture). It's also a refreshing treat during a brutally hot afternoon, like say, every day this week. Not surprisingly, it tastes just like honeydew. And that's the beauty of it.

Make sure your melon is ripe for optimal sweetness. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Washington Post Express Photo Shoot

Hey isn't that....? Why yes, it is. Yours truly featured in the Washington Post Express! Get the full story here.

The Post Express editor requested that I make flavors that were brightly colored for the photo shoot. Of course, I was more concerned with inventing unique flavor combinations... and somehow transferring them to the Washington Post's offices without melting on one of the hottest days of summer. Above are the four flavors I whipped up. I have since posted my own photos and recipes:

Top: Strawberry Goat Cheese Ice Cream, Coconut Basil Sorbet
Bottom: Mango Lime Jalapeno Sorbet, Chocolate Cinnamon Orange Zest Ice Cream

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coconut Basil Sorbet

In mathematics, the simplest approach is referred to as the "elegant solution." By that definition, this is the most elegant recipe ever. Three ingredients. No stove. Just blend and churn. For such simplicity, the flavor is remarkably complex and creamy.

I am also thrilled to say that this is one of several recipes that will be featured in tomorrow's Washington Post Express for a story about homemade ice cream. Please pick up a copy and check back here for behind-the-scenes details from my very first photo shoot!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Chocolate Cinnamon Orange Zest Ice Cream

I've often fantasized about being a contestant on Top Chef, though mostly because I want to hang out with Tom and Padma. Now I will be competing in the next best thing... Foodie Fights! Each week, six food bloggers duke it out with their most creative culinary creations to compete for Internet fame. Normally, the challenges involve making something out of two seemingly mismatched ingredients like sesame seed and tropical fruit or dandelion and parmesan. But this week's challenge is a little different: frozen desserts. In other words, it's going to be really embarrassing if the girl with the ice cream blog doesn't win. 

UPDATE: Frozen Fix won the popular vote with 50% of the votes! Both judges named the recipe runner-up, which unfortunately, was not enough points to take home the gold. Check out how the competition stacked up and the judges broke it down. Thanks to everyone who voted!

I wanted to do a flavor that wasn't too bizarre, but that no one has probably ever tried. I also wanted to do chocolate, because seriously, who doesn't love chocolate? The the spice of the cinnamon, bitterness of the dark chocolate, and the citrus of the orange zest blend together in one sinfully decadent note. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lemon Raspberry Sorbet

It's a million degrees outside. Coming from Colorado, the hot humidity of DC summers just makes me want to melt. Thank goodness I write an ice cream blog, right? Cold treats are always on hand. I can't think of any sorbet more refreshing on a day like today than this one. It's tart and sweet—but not disgustingly sweet like some Italian ices. Plus, the raspberry morsels and specks of lemon zest make it pop.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cream Cheese Ice Cream with Blueberry and Raspberry Swirls

I've never been really into holidays. My Halloween costume (if there is one) is usually some last minute thing I pull out of the closet. I forget to wear green on St. Patrick's Day and feel relatively indifferent about Valentine's Day. I always confuse Labor Day with Memorial Day. And I own zero Hanukkah or New Years decorations. But holiday-themed food? That's something I can get behind. So in honor of the fireworks-watching potluck I will be hosting on my roof deck this 4th of July, I made this red, white, and blue concoction. The tart fruit swirls are the perfect compliment to the silky, rich cream base. I'd take a scoop of this over a slice of apple pie any day.