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I bought my ice cream maker on Craigslist for $20. When I went to pick it up, the woman told me she had made only one flavor: pralines and cream. She apparently didn't like ice cream, but her boyfriend did. Obviously, they broke up. But one woman's cold heart is another's cold treat, and thus began my love affair with the Cuisinart ICE-20.

The joy of making your own ice cream is that you're not limited to the tired flavors in the grocery store. So, there will be no chocolate vs. vanilla on this blog. Only fig goat cheese vs. basil strawberry (I prefer the latter). And above all, absolutely no pralines and cream.

About Me

Jessica Sidman has loved ice cream since she was old enough to chase down ice cream trucks in her Colorado neighborhood. In high school, she got her first job scooping ice creams, making waffle cones, and decorating ice cream cakes at a locally-owned ice cream shop. But thanks to her mother's culinary experiments with recipes from across the globe, she has always had a taste for unusual flavors. 

Jessica is now a multimedia journalist based out of Washington, DC. Her work has appeared in Washingtonian magazine, USA Today, The Dallas Morning News, and The Gazette in Colorado Springs. She is currently the editor of Dining Bisnow.

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  1. Umm ... umm ... good! (From a happy landlord!)